DJ Goo Goo has been DJing vinyl since 2003, beginning in Montrose District, Houston TX, and on-air Rice University’s KTRU 91.7 FM. He specializes in the synth-filled currents of post-punk and electronic music’s past that ripple and flow through the streams of today. His mixes have made their way into homes and hearts on custom-made mixtapes, to the airwaves of Seattle’s KEXP for their lauded Midnight in a Perfect World series. He has been collecting vinyl records since the late ‘90s and has shared his deep music knowledge as a music journalist and record shop employee. His babysitter gave him his first record, Thriller, in 1984. He bought his first cassette tape in 1987 at the age of 6: Red Hot Chili Peppers self-titled debut (produced by Gang of Four’s Andy Gill). His first CD was Green by R.E.M.

He has held down numerous monthly residencies across Seattle over the years, most recently with Aesthetic Mess at Timbre Room and Mouth 2 Mouth at Pony and been booked to support shows at including Neumos, Clock-Out Lounge, Kremwerk, and Chop Suey. Since 2017, he has DJed the Seattle stop of Renegade Craft held at Magnuson Park two weekends a year, curating the sound to fill the space and entertain the masses. All flyers below designed by him.

Mixcloud // Soundcloud // KEXP Midnight in a Perfect World