In early 2019, I began painting 8” x 8” watercolor portraits of my friends kids as a means to cope with the isolation and depression I was experiencing while recovering from a femur break/surgery in Portland, OR. I found happiness being able to look at the photos my friends have posted of their children, trying my best to capture their personality while improving on my techniques and skills as a painter. These were unsolicited, and hand-picked by me, often to the surprise of my friends when I shared them on Instagram. I simply made them as a thank you gift for the parents, for helping me stay positive during a very painful time in my life. My grandfather also passed away during this time, so I painted him for my mother.

This series is an ongoing project as my friends continue to have kids. However, I am opening the gates to take commissioned pieces if you would like to have one to give to a relative. If you would like to commission a piece, or are in need of a custom kids watercolor painting to donate to an auction for school/non-profit benefits, please email sivart@sivartgallery.com, along with three attached photos for me to choose from—I love the element of surprise when the painting is received, not knowing which photo I ultimately chose to paint.

Cool Kids with Cool Kids